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(January 30, 2014)
From: Chaim Simons <[email protected]>
To: [email protected] 
Sent: Sunday, 5 May 2013, 8:34
Subject: former teacher William Charles Phelps

 I am an alumnus of Carmel College (1953-1960) and am writing, on a voluntary basis, a history of the school (which closed in 1997). Included in this history will be a brief biography of teachers who were at Carmel College. One of them was William Charles Phelps (born  1908) who was a teacher, almost certainly of French, at the Camp School Hexham. He began teaching at the Camp School in the summer term 1955. However, after that term he left, and joined the staff of Carmel College, but he was only there for one academic year. He then rejoined the staff of Camp School for some period which I don't know its duration. He died in about 1966.
It has been suggested to me that it is likely that the school was the Brownrigg School. If this was indeed the case,  I would be grateful  if you could please let me have any information you may have on his teaching at Brownrigg School, and/or the contact details of anyone who may have memories of him there.
With thanks and best regards
(Dr.) Chaim Simons


Date: 2013-04-25 16:29:56
From: Keith Scott <[email protected]>
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Sender: Keith Scott
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Just thought that I'd pass on some information about Brownrigg during the war
years. It was a camp school for evacuees operated by Newcastle Education
Committee. Only girls were sent there, the corresponding school for boys being
Dukes House Wood School near Hexham.

My father (william Scott) was headmaster at Dukes House from May 1940 to
December 1944 and his counterpart at Brownrigg was Isobel Marks. Although I was
very young then, I vividly remember visiting Brownrigg from time to time and
having tea at Miss Marks' house.

Best wishes,

Keith Scott
Date: 2013-04-27 10:44:09
From: Roly Brown <[email protected]>
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Sender: Roly Brown
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Yo Riggas,memories burnt out so soz if ive forgotten people.I attended from 60
til 63 in Tweed,Wansbeck and Tyne.The teachers i rem are Joe Raine[head],Ted
Gray,Mr Parker,Miss Booth, young Mr Wilson and old Mr Wilson.Pupils i rem are
Ron Macckormack,Alan Cademy,Alan Bolton,Alex Hobson,Dave Turnbull, Dave
Jennings,John Kelso[who i still see],Richie Wales,Don Crisp.Keith Wills,Barry
Cowell,Terry Keen,Ray Finnegan,Gerry Beare,Ray Scott,David Oates,Lorraine
Massingham,Jean Allen,Mary Cummins,Jenny[Wren?],Marie [Scotland?],Aggie,Barbara
and also Bashforth the local village hard lad.Loved the sat nite dances[kick up
the backside if you were caught knecking],sunday evening music requests in the
assembly hall,sat morn at Rods cafe in Pig iron lane[1/- for 3 plays on the
jukebox], sunday morn visits to church,nipping out sharp for a quick half in the
Black Bull next door then joining the end of queue back to school. Ive got quite
a few more memories but ill wait to see if this text jogs anyones  memories,
cheers Roly

 Anyone have a contact number for Barry Cowell, see message ---

Just been looking at the old photos of brownrigg I was there from 57 to 61 the football photo of the 50's thats me standing next to you (unnamed). Would you have a contact number for Barry Cowell I would love to get in contact with him again Thanks Dave Foster   [email protected]

Date: 2011-08-21 13:55:53
From: margaret sancaster <[email protected]>
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Sender: margaret sancaster
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hi there i was a former student at brown rigg in 1961 and would like to contact
julie hodgeson of class 1961 if any one has any details that would bae great
thaank you margaret sancaster 

Date: 2011-07-19 19:00:22
From: Andrew Copeman <[email protected]>
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Sender: Andrew Copeman
Email: [email protected]
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I wonder if anyone has any recollections of Miss Shield, English teacher in the
early 50s, and I believe possibly deputy head. She went with Mr Wait to the
Marton Camp School in Cheshire when that opened in (I think) 1955. She was my
mother,and always had great memories of her time at Brownrigg.




Date: 2011-06-07 13:38:09
From: Thornley Jackson <[email protected]>
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Sender: Thornley Jackson
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Would like to trace Pat Sowerby and Joan Arthur from Prudoe also Colin Barker

Date: 2011-04-12 16:09:14
From: Rob Fry <[email protected]>
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Sender: Rob Fry
Email: [email protected]
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Good day,

I'm trying to find some info or whether anybody recalls my late mother who I
understand attended Brown Riggs in the late 1940s early 1950s.

Her maiden name was Frances Margaret Pringle. I wonder if any one remembers her
or had any more information.


No2  Copied from Facebook from Jo White
Hi, long shot, but does anyone remember either David or Norman Allbright being at Brownrigg? They were there in the late 50's. David was my dad and I'd love to know more about his time there.



23 January at 10:32 ·  · 
    • Edmund Yarrow Hi Jo, Do you have a school photo of your dad you can send me. I was their 1957-9
      21 hours ago · 
    • Jo White Hi, I have no photos of dad as a child at all. was just hoping to find someone who might remember him.
      15 hours ago ·  · 
    • Edmund Yarrow Hi Jo, Do you know the year he was born, then we can work out to within 4 years when he was there.
      32 minutes ago · 
    • Jo White Hi, he was born in july 1942 and was sent to brownrigg in 1957, after his mum died.
      11 minutes ago ·  · 



Appeal from Ken Bampton, His mother attended BR Camp S during the war, her name was Margaret Mowbray.

Does anyone have any information for these years or this lady.

Please send any information to me and I will pass this on to Ken.




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