Former Pupils Photos 1960s

James Michael Turnbull 1960Rosemary Maddox 1958

B Henderson D Longstaff L Moyes S Patterson J Richardson G Micheson l Stephenson l Crawford M Smith F Ferguson C Clifford


brown rigg 1966-7brown rigg 1966-7_2

Miss Pratt,L Armstrong,S Patterson,l Bruce,M Ismay,L Moyes.D Longstaff,M Smith,L Stephenson,C Clifford,L Kelly,I Neadam,L Patterson,A Mullarkey, B Henderson
the teachers in the group photo are Miss Hall, Miss Parish, Miss Dargue  (Lost Photo)
tyne dorm tom patterson 19634
Photos (Below) From Tom Patterson  1963/4 Tyne Dorm and Football team updated by Chalky.
Just like to puts some names to the 1963,64 football Team.Starting top left.

Tom Patterson,Mick Proud, Norm Canham, Don Sinton, Col Bates, ?,
?, Paul Reid,George Stephenson, Chalky Smith, ? Mr. Hughes.
 If someone could fill in the other it would be appreciated.

Cheers Chalky.
 brownrigg football tom patterson 1