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Sender: Jayne Mottram nee Hepburn
Email: [email protected]


I'd like to know if there are any stories or photographs of my dad Roy Hepburn who attended in the 40's, originally from Dinnington village.
Sadly he passed in 2005, but i would his memory to live on.
Thank you.

Date: 2024-06-18 18:25:11
From: "Lesley McIntosh" <[email protected]>
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Does anyone remember Janice Lipscombe?She attended BRS around 1952 I think.My
mum (her step sister) is keen to contact her or her family thanks lesley
Sender: Lesley McIntosh
Email: [email protected]

Sender: Jack Patrick
Email: [email protected]

Hi Eddie, I was at Brownrigg in1952-53. In Wansbeck Dorm. I have many good memories of my time there. Is anyone still interested in the "old days" Thanks, Jack.

Sender: Russell Agnew Email: [email protected]

I was a pupil between 1972 and 1977 and was at school with Paul Jeeves, Paul
Jeffries, Duncan Metcalfe, Heather Hope, Sylvia (from Horton Grange), Angela
(from Cramlington),
Colin Dexter. Teachers were Fred Main, Miss McAleer, Miss Philipson, Jim Bell,
Mr Brown and his wife Pam and Jack Gibb. I have had no contact with anyone since
1977/78. It would be interesting to find out what happened to people.




Sender: Karen Mountain
Email: [email protected]
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Hi. I had no idea this site existed. I've  been thinking of Bellingham lately and wanted to visit as it's been a few 
Years. Often I passed BRS though no longer a school. 
On reading through your contact and finders page a lady called Hazel Clark said she remambers Karen Mountain. I fell off my chair almost. I didnt think anyone would recall me as I was quite shy. Do you have any contact details for 
her. I was at Brownrigg from 1970 to 1972.

Date: 2022-08-31 17:04:06
From: "gerald Maughan" <[email protected]>
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Sender: gerald Maughan
Email: [email protected]
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HI Dave do you remember me you were the first person to call me Gezza
from Blyth You stayed with during holiday and I came to yours when you living in
Salisbury your dad was in the army 


from David Dexter.

During the Second World War, my father, Alec W Dexter, sponsored a "foster
child" named Mary Wallace. She was at the Brown Rigg School. In June 1944 he
visited Mary Wallace at the School. In September 1944 he received a letter from
Mary which stated she was leaving the school permanently, and my father ceased
to be a sponsor. I don't understand exactly what a "foster child" was -- but it
could have been connected with the "Foster Parents Plan for War Children", which
my father may have become involved with while he was working for the British
government in the USA 1940-43. I have a photograph of Mary Wallace and 7 other
girls taken at the school in 1943, which I would be happy to send you. Could
Mary Wallace have been a "foster child" under the "Foster Parents for War
Children" program, or perhaps some other similar program? Would she have been an
orphan, or would she have had parents living in a city elsewhere in England?
Would she have left in September 1944 to return home or elsewhere? (In the photo
she doesn't appear to be old enough to be living on her own.) I will appreciate
any insight you can provide.

Please reply via this website .

 February 2022

Date: 2022-02-20 14:15:49
From: Tony Wood <[email protected]>
Subject: Website Feedback Form Message
Sender: Tony Wood
Email: [email protected]
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I am hoping you may be able to help.

My mother, now 86 and recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, was at Brownrigg.
 Unusually, she was there from age 11 to 15 (1946 to 1950) - she says she was
only supposed to be there 2 terms but she used to help out by taking kids into
Hexham hospital so she was allowed to stay on.  She loved it there and was sad
to leave.  Her maiden name was June Ward.

So, the reason for contacting you - she recalls the school had a photo where the
children were on a hillside and arranged to spell out the word HIKE.  She says
that you can easily spot her, because she is the full stop at the end.  I saw
the picture on the display board at Bellingham Museum some years ago, but we
don't have a copy.

I'm wondering if you or your contacts might have a copy that you could possibly
scan and forward to me please.  I'd love to be able to take it in and show my
Mam, to bring back happy memories and prompt a discussion about her time at

Many thanks
Tony Wood
Mobile: 07801-092924
Chesterfield, UK


24th August 2021

Asking if anyone can remember me from Coquet dorm in 1975ish probably would help if I'd put my name on it , Kevin Fisher nicknamed Kipper anyone  remember me or got any pictures from that ere plse get in touch,  [email protected]

23rd August 2021

Hi i attended Brownrigg 1975ish was in Coquet dorm with Couchie James Hankin as i remember other names i remember mmm kev stoat and some girls Clair Carol Magee Dawn anyone remember me plse get in  touch would be nice to have a blast from the past [email protected]


 5th July 2021

Sender: Karen Gowing ( nee Moore)
Email: [email protected]

I was at Brown Rigg 1975/76. Only for a year. My Dorm was Cheviot. I have some vivid memories of Sunday afternoon Hikes and Horse riding. My memory for names is terrible. The only teacher I remember, was a young teacher, Mr Ryan. I think a lot of the girls had a crush on him!!  I have just had 5 days staying at the BrownRigg Lodges. I stayed in what was the sick bay. The girls ablutions building is still there, along with the assembly hall, science and home economics block and dining hall. I don't have any pictures of my time there in the 70's, which is really sad. Does anybody remember me or have any photos?


1st January2021 

Can anyone help?  Can anyone remember Billy Martin?   If you can do you know what year/s he attended and what dorm he was in? 

"I was speaking to another relative recently and Brownrigg came up. He said his brother attended in his last year of school (He was born in Aug 1937 so figure it must be in the academic year 1951/2. No idea of the House but said he remembered cycling to the school from Gosforth to see his brother. He said the school was quarantined due to an outbreak of Scarlet Fever.

His brother was named Robert William Martin (known as Billy Martin)".



Sender: David Stanford
Hi I'm Dave and I was a pupil at BRS from 1965 to 68,I think the years given are correct.I was in 3 of the dorms,I think one was Tweed and finished in Tyne dorm.I was a member of the school cricket  team.At the time I was at the school I lived in Leeds,and think I was the only pupil in the school who didn't live in Northumberland.Thinking about now,I did love my 3 years at BRS.


Sender Loraine Wyatt
Hello, my mother, Heather Campbell attended Brownrigg during the 1950's. We wondered if you had any information or could pin point the year she attended. Also, I remember her saying something about her brother possibly attending? Andrew Campbell, he has since passed. My mother is still alive and well. In the USA. Troy, Ohio. Any information would be wonderful to share with her. Thank you!

Sender: steven corbrick -------------------------------------------------- hello, my grandfather attended brown rig when it was a boarding school, his name was Robert Earl Parker he was from Shiremoor or could have been Backworth. I was wondering if you would have any records of this and any photos I believe it would of been about 1950s maybe 1951 I also believe that he did really well when he attended there and was head of the boys or something like this was just curious to see if any further information was still on file thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Steven James Corbrick.


Will Bell
Good evening Mr Yarrow

Trying to establish when my dad attended Brownrigg Camp School (He said he was in his last year, I am guessing that would make him 15. He was born in Aug 1935 and named Ronald Bell. Can you help? I would love to be able to confirm his attendance and to see any records that may survive, especially photographs that may include him. Any suggestions gratefully received. Sincerely, Will Bell 


    • Gillian Brians   
    •   Tue 16th Jul 2019 at 18:22
    • Looking for any news on Sharon "titch" golden and her brother Ross. Lived front Street newbiggin by the sea. 

    • JOHN FOXTON   
    •   Mon 1st Jul 2019 at 20:44
    • Hi i was wondering if Bill Main was still about. I tried emailing him but it came back saying no such email. Would like him to send him an email as he was my favorite teacher there. If you contact him just tell him my nickname he will know who i am Penguin

      Regards John Foxton 

    • Michael North   
    •   Tue 4th Jun 2019 at 12:14
    • I attended Brownrigg 1960-62. I have been to a number of reunions and thoroughly enjoyed them. At one of the reunions I met up again with David Heads. Unfortunately David died very recently, my wife and I attended his funeral in Oxford. 
      I wrote an article about 10 years ago, which was published in the Happy Hiker, featuring David and his amazing achievements, unfortunately my system at home ‘lost’ the article. 
      I wonder if anyone has a copy of this article, 
      I would really like to be able to give a copy of the article to his partner in the last 7 or 8 years of his life.


    • gillian Moss   
    •   Thu 23rd May 2019 at 20:39
    • Good morning ... my brother David Heads attended Brownrigg school in the early
      60’s there was 10 years difference between us so the dates I’m not really
      sure of, he lived in Cramlington which was our family home, he move to Newbury
      in 1984 or there abouts but sadly Saturday 18th May he passed away at the age of

      His funeral will be held Wednesday 29th May in Oxfordshire if anyone wishes to
      contact me please do, he loved his time there at Brownrigg and often spoke about
      it please could you pop it on your page of his passing I’m sure he would have
      wanted some of his friends to know... with thanks Gill 

    • Hazel Clark  Wed 15th May 2019 at 20:37
    • Hi, My name is Hazel Clark and I was at Brownrigg for a short time in 1971. My dorm was Hadrian. Wondering if anyone remembers me. I remember Karen Mountain, Gordon Boyd, Steph Sinclair, Lizzy Atkinson. I remember others but not names. Wonderful times... 

    • Michael Corcoran   
    •   Sun 12th May 2019 at 09:02
    • My name is Michael Corcoran I arrived at Brownrigg around about 1952 and stayed for three years , my dorm was Tweed, the house Master was Ted Grey a great guy the headmaster Mr Walsh who
      decided that I would make a good School captain and by that time I was also dorm captain of Tweed so begun three great years. I would like to tell you some events that come to mine .The first one was when a prisoner
      escaped from Durham Jail and was reported to be at large on our fell, Mr Walsh thought that the Matron who lived in the sickbay could be at risk so he called for the SAS team from Tweed, myself and vice capt 
      Jacki Reed to protect her. This was like been invited to stay at the Ritz Hotel compared to the dorm, we had single beds soft mattress and warm blankets and matron brought us hot milk and biscuits at bed time.
      unfortunately the prisoner was caught after two weeks and our little bit of heaven was gone.

      Another event that comes to mine was when the Tyne was in flood a large amount of trees blocked the river bridge one of the House Masters took into his head it would be a good idea to cut them out, so the SAS was called out again. I must point out this was in the middle of winter, a very cold day with sleet and rain the river was a raging torrant. We were told to strip off to our bathing trunks and then with ropes tied round our waists lowered on to the trees they then passed down saws so we could cut up the trees when they were free they were haul up onto the road, after about an hour blue with cold we could not feel our fingers the Master began to be concerned and decided to haul us up we were blue with the cold but after 20 mins ready to go again.This time we decided to hunt for rabbits this was easily to do as the river flooded its banks it also filled the 
      rabbit holes so they could easily be caught hiding under the bushes, I think we caught about 30 . So the day was not a dead loss after all especially ,after we asked the girls dorm to bake us rabbit pies, the said yes as
      long as they could keep 10 a good deal all round. That night after lights we had a great feast the end of a good day. 

      When Mr Walsh was in charge of the school he expected every one to hike on a sunday afternoon up to 10 to 20 miles. Well this sunday was very hot and Jackie and I decided to give it a miss, we thought the best place to hide would be in the loft of the Dorm the held all the scouts camping gear tents. axes, pots and pans. So we climb up and made ourselves comfortable on the tents and as we had brought oranges and crisps the afternoon was going well till we heard noises in the dorm. Well ! here were things can go awry ,un aware that this master had been asked to leave his room and move to another dorm because of a dispute with the boys,
      he enlisted the help of to younger boys to help carry out his gear. well we were getting a little bored after a couple of hours stuck up in the loft and there fore we decided to play a game on the young boys as they carried the teachers possessions from the room we would bomb them with orange peel they could not understand where the peel was coming from but when the teacher came out of his room and saw the peel he assumed the boys were response able and shouted for them to clean it up which they did , but when they went back out of the dorm we again dropped the peel, on the third drop the teacher, went ballistic the boys were in tears knowing they were innocent, we were in tears of laughter. Then things went down hill fast, the teacher found a ladder to reach the loft he became very afraid that person in the loft might be the escaped prisoner who was still at large so rather than climbing in the loft he shouted is there anyone there of course we tried to hide Jackie between the beams and me under the tents this was okay till in his nervous state he decided to check on areas he could not see and started throwing the scouts axes and knives around the loft and when one just missed Jacky head we decide to surrender much to the relief of the teacher who thought he might have been facing criminal. Well I think we got off lightly with teacher he was still shaking when he gave us two strikes of the cane and we thought that was the end because what happens in the dorm stays in the dorm , but no this sneaky B of teacher reported us to to Mr Walsh as he was having dinner with the rest of the staff , Looking back I think Mr Walsh was uncomfortable having to deal with it and knowing he had escape from a prisoner of war camp our escapade might have appealed to him ,so instead of been given the dreaded golf club shaft across our backside which he was renowned for. he looked up through the window of the dinning room and pointed to the benchmark and said there and back no dinner ,to those who do not know to what I”m referring to the bench mark is a concrete pillar which lies one and half miles straight up the fell. Well we thought we had got of lightly till the following morning we were called into Mr Greys Room and given a further two strikes of the cane unfortunately Jacky landed on the same as the previous two and they bled for a few day and ha to stand about a lot. 

      I would like to say that Ted Grey was a lovely guy and a great house master he would come into the dorm late at night after been at the amateur theatre with mrs Walsh they were great friends wake up and try and sell me strawberry coloured battleship with six funnels I think he might have been slightly tipsy but great fun. Some times he would wake four or five of us up to have coffee and biscuits in his room. One time he woke the whole dorm at nine pm told to get dressed then we stole out of the school grounds undetected and down to the village where he bought everyone a fish supper what a night what a Guy.

      I would like to say how much I enjoyed my time at Brownrigg and gave an independence which has allowed to have and interesting life after owning two hotels ,a nursing home Building Company Selling and owning villas in America and many other things , I am now 80yrs old have been married for 60yrs and now live in Turkey for the last 10 yrs in a lovely 4 bed villa over looking the sea with lots of good friends life can’t get any better.

      I would like to think that some of my memories bring a smile to some old faces if any can remember me give me a call God Bless you all.

      Michael Corcoran 

    • Sarah McClennan   
    •   Fri 26th Apr 2019 at 16:27
    • Hi, my father-in-law, Duncan Day, used to be a pupil at Brownrigg. Sadly he passed away in 2010. We have been going through some of his old things again and found a school tie. It's in the school colours and has B.R.S. embroidered on it. It's in excellent condition. We'd like it to go to a good home - would anyone like it? We will post free of charge. 

    • Steven English   t
    •   Tue 5th Feb 2019 at 16:59
    • Hello I went to Brownrigg in 1966 and have many memories of my time at the school. the walks, trips away and the food. I have just turned 65 and wondered if any of 1966-1970 pupils are still around. 
      Steve English 

    • Angela Waldram  

    •   Mon 1st Oct 2018 at 18:38
    • Hello Tony Finnigan
      I see from your message that you knew my mam well. I would love to know more about her time at Brownrigg and how you came to know her. Sadly she is no longer with us. 
      Look forward to hearing from you
      Angela Waldram 

    • Angela Waldram   
    •   Tue 18th Sep 2018 at 19:07
    • For the Obituary page

      Audrey Easton maiden name Ledgerwood
      13th July1941 - 21st June 2016 age 74
      Attended the school in the 50's 

    • Brian Harland 
    •   Tue 18th Sep 2018 at 16:22
    • Hi 
      After all of these years I have just found this website. I was born in 1941 and attended BRS from 1954 to 1956 I was in Wansbeck house all the time I was there and I remember two of the teachers being Mr McKernan and Mr(Bunny) Hartnell I live in Yorkshire now but I enjoyed my schooldays at Bellingham, My sister attended there a few years before me 

    • Tony Finnigan   
    •   Mon 17th Sep 2018 at 21:46
    • Hello, 
      I went to Brownrigg from 1952-1955 
      I knew Audrey Ledgerwood very well. 
      I used to go to her house at Ashington and she would visit my house at Wallsend.
      Audrey had a lovely singing voice.
      Unfortunately when we both started working we lost touch.
      Over the years I did try to re connect with her, however not knowing her married name I could only contact Ledgerwoods in the phone book and never did find her.
      Would be happy to connect and chat further if you desire.
      Tony Finnigan 

    • Angela Waldram   
    •   Mon 10th Sep 2018 at 14:14
    • Hello
      My Mam went to Brownrigg but not sure what years. She was born in 1941 so I’m guess early 50’s. Her name then was Audrey Ledgerwood. Just wondering if anyone remembers her 

    • Michael Hudson  
    •   Wed 8th Aug 2018 at 20:48
    • Hello, my grandfather and his older brother went to this school, late 50's/ early 60's. His name was Norman Allbright (Shiner) and his brother was Robert Allbright. (Bob) 

      Norman was the youngest in his year. He has fond memories of his times and has told me many stories. So finding this page was a great. 

      He's a talented writer and has actually wrote his own memoir on his childhood which involves "Broonrig". 

      Would love to hear from anyone who knew my granddad and I'm sure he would be as well. Thankyou for reading. 

    • Martin Purdy   
    •   Sun 18th Feb 2018 at 19:27
    • My mother (then Margaret Johnson) was evacuated to Brownrigg in 1940-41. Her father died in November 1941 and she left at that point. She still remembered the names of the Houses into old age, and when Alzheimers set in, she was back at Brownrigg in her mind for much of the time.

    • Peter Jordan  
    •   Tue 6th Feb 2018 at 22:02
    • Resident at Broonrigg (previously Park School Ashington) 1960-61-62. 3 of us from Ashington - Tony (Hangman) Evans - Alan Henderson spent our last School years here .. And as far I'm concerned with no regrets whatsoever .. attending Brownrigg that is. Unfortunately I was never aware of any reunions otherwise I would've been there. Now I've found this website I'll continue to check if there will be any future reunions. 

    • Bryan cole   
    •   Sun 28th Jan 2018 at 17:09
    • Hello, I have an old photograph of some pupils at brownrigg from the 40,s which features my late father Sidney cole it IWas taken during a school play I,m not sure of the specific date but it was in the time of mr wash who did keep in touch with my dad , he spoke fondly of brownrigg and always said it really was the best time in his life, I can send you a copy if you would like to use it on your site, thanks for allowing me to look around your site . Bryan cole 

    • Winston pile  
    •   Fri 12th Jan 2018 at 19:30
    • My dad went to brown rigg 1953-1954 and is looking for some friends he had there Colin Dawson also when the reunion is on also Micky Elliot 

      Thank you hope somebody can help x 

    • Patrick Hendry  
    •   Sat 16th Dec 2017 at 07:13
    • I was at Brownrigg from 1966 til 1971 and was in all the Boys dorms during that time. I had the best time, it gave us our independence, we explored the area with the school during Sunday hikes, visited the village and Hexham. I met my wife Annette(Black) and we are still very happily married after 43 years 3 kids and 2 grandchildren. 

    • peter   
    •   Sat 19th Aug 2017 at 09:01
    • I have a school picture of a group of girls with my mother it would be late fortys i thought would be nice for site. not sure where to add. 

    • Harald Rüttgers   
    •   Mon 29th May 2017 at 13:42
    • Hi there,

      my Name is "Harald Rüttgers", nickname is "Roger" and I´m from Germany.

      I´ve found this page coincidentally.

      I remember back to the years 1975 and 1976 I guess and I was aged 15/16.

      I was member of a German Group visiting an international summer camp at Brown rigg School twice.

      In 1975 my dormitory was "Coquet".

      There were Girls and Boys from other European countries:
      France and Norway I know.
      Netherlands and Belgium I guess.
      And of course Germany and Great Britain.

      I remember the "who has lost it - who has found it - procedure" at mealtimes very well.
      It was allways a big Show.

      I remember (oh my Gott, its 42 years ago now) to some British guys.
      Unfortunately I remember only two guys with first names: "David" and "Tich".

      Some members of the German Group were "Ralf Granz" and "Olav Sinowski". 

      So may be, somebody of the old "Team" will remember to this like I have done and will write down a comment in this guestbook.

      May be, there will be some email contact after such a Long time.

      Hoping for some News,

      best wishes to all at Brown Rigg School


    • dawn stewart  
    •   Mon 8th May 2017 at 14:17
    • hi i was at Brownrigg 74 to 76 my name was Dawn Proudlock then after a few months changed to Park due to mothers remarriage. Used to love Friday film nights and weekend discos. Not so keen on runs up Killer hill. I am still living in Blyth and have 4 children and 2 grand children. 

    • Edward Graham  
    •   Mon 13th Feb 2017 at 18:25
      Regret to inform all Brown Riggers that Dennis Wilson passed away on 13th February 2017. Dennis , along with his wife Mary, taught at Brown Rigg for some 7 years, 1955 -1962, he was head of Tweed Dorm for most of that time. A great sportsman, Dennis coached the football team which won the Blake Cup in 1959, he and Mary took parties from Brown Rigg to Switzerland and Holland. He was a good bloke and will be a big miss in the community of Ingleton where he had lived, and taught, for many years. 

    • Claire Webb   
    •   Tue 3rd Jan 2017 at 12:47
    • My mother was Angela Edwina Charlton and was at Brownrigg for two years 1949 and 1950, I have identified her on a few of the photographs on the site. Would it be at all possible to get copies of them. I would also be interested in getting in touch with anyone who remembers her, I think she was Head Girl in 1950, unfortunately she died suddenly in 1985 at the age of 51 yrs. thanks 

    • Heather Wilson(nee Nicholson)  
    •   Wed 7th Dec 2016 at 19:52
    • Attended Brownrigg 78-83.

      I can honestly say for coming to this country from Canada it was the only school where I was accepted for my funny accent. 
      Always a Bookworm I probably read every book in the library whilst sitting in the drying room or on the toilet in the Dorm bathrooms. English Teacher Christine Smith always knew how to find me and would always tell me to get to bed after I finished my chapter. I however used to finish the book. I look back with fondness and gratitude to all those Teachers for all their harsh discipline at times, I think it was Diane who got thrown across the Library once by Mr Walton(headmaster), were responsible for instilling into me a lot of values I hold dear and have passed onto my own family.  
      With fondness I remember certain highlights of the week of which was visiting the Village Library, Hexham Swimming Baths in the yellow Mini Bus, mucking out the horses to get a free horse ride and as I got older the village pub where we used to have our half a cider under the ever watchful eye of the landlord and yes I really did enjoy those 10 mile hikes with Mrs Hutchinson as well as the daily 5 mile runs up the cart track.
      I have read the guestbook messages and noted the only one I recognised as being Diane and Deborah Ince. Diane was in the same year as I whilst Deborah was the same age as my older sister Judith who also attended for 2 years
      It must be nearly 25yrs ago that the last person I saw was Denise Wilkinson working on the Reception Counter at a Gym in Newcastle but unfortunately she didn't seem to recognise me. however you could always recognise Denise for the White Streak in her fringe.
      I have never kept up to date with anyone from school unfortunately and knew nothing of your Reunions but if you ever do decide to resume them please let me know it would be lovely to see all the old faces again and do some catching up. 

    • david todd  
    •   Sat 3rd Dec 2016 at 16:08
    • john foxton great to hear from you mate 07507621143 is my mobil if you fancy giving me a call 

    • David Corcoran   
    •   Mon 31st Oct 2016 at 12:17
    • Hi ,  
      I am trying to help my Dad find a copy of his certificate of Education , he attended the school 1954 ish name Michael Corcoran. If anyone can assist me to find out what school board / Exam board was in effect at that time it would be greatly appreciated . 

    • matt   
    •   Fri 30th Sep 2016 at 16:04
    • the last meal was sadly wiped off by a worker installing a new gas tank the old boiler is going to a museum and the film props are staying the dining hall is still there and the equipment from the kitchen lies untouched the plans for this are to be lodges but thee kitchen will stay as long as possible but it will cost 1million to keep it standing it is now the yearly host of baafest an they also look after hors because it was also a stable at one point the lodges were built in 2010 but the new owners got brownrigg this year the headmasters house is separately owned 

    • John Foxton   
    •   Sat 13th Aug 2016 at 16:07
    • Hi David Todd {charlie} I remember you we actually talked 5 years back on friends reunited.It took me a while to figure out who you were here always new you as charlie. Went to brownrigg reunoin in 2012 to meet graham bowman and a few others but could not find them so i came back to hexham. I am now back in the uk but have bought a place in thailand where i go twice a year 

    • Steve Wright   
    •   Wed 13th Apr 2016 at 14:52
    • Can anyone identify any of the girls on the front row in this image? My late mother Barbara Smith ( as she known then ) went to Browrigg. She was born 1941 so I am assuming 1950s she would of been there. I'm wondering if thats my mother 4 right front row. Certainly looks similar to her younger self.
    • David Lyons  
    •   Wed 30th Dec 2015 at 22:37
    • Im trying to find information on my father who attended the school from 1940-45 his name was Bede Lyons fromJarrow. If anybody has any information or old photos they would be appreciate it very much .many thanks from David Lyons 

    • Alan White   
    •   Tue 8th Dec 2015 at 12:55
    • Hi - I am sitting with father, Alan White originally from Seahouses, who attended Brownrigg School from the end of the war in 1945 to 1947. He remembers the photo of his football team in the 1940s photo section. Robson Craigs is a name, Malcolm Anderson and Michael Fordy (now deseased he thinks). Bobby Pearson & Ron Atkinson, "Pop" Brazell ? also, Teachers: Art Bobby Blair; Dorm master: Greaves; Wright; Wait brothers; Bradbury; Miss Pringle; Sports, Maths etc Gordon McIntosh & Connie Alder (who married each other). Any memories ? He sends his regards to you all !! 

    • John Allison   
    •   Sun 22nd Nov 2015 at 02:26
    • Hi I was at Brownrigg during 1981-1982ish i was in tyne dorm the one next to the outside swimming pool which as i remember was always cold, for some reason my nickname was Posh Paws. 

    • Charles Bell   
    •   Thu 5th Nov 2015 at 18:33
    • My Mother, Joyce Gordon at the time, taught evacuee girls at Brownrigg during WW2. Hers was the only bicycle with a lamp so at night she would lead a convoy of teachers to a local pub in Bellingham, where she always ordered a pint of milk. It was at that school she met life-long friend Margaret Cain who also taught there. My mother passed away on 16 October 2015 aged 95. Margaret died a few years earlier in Hexham 

    • Arlene Miller (nee Hall)  
    •   Sun 20th Sep 2015 at 14:52
    • Hi my name is Arlene Miller formally Hall, I was at Bellingham camp school 1947-1949, I am the eldest of 5 and had a wonderful time there with many happy memories. Mr Walsh was the headmaster and his wife took us to Hexham to see Oklahoma which she was acting in. On a Sunday afternoons we walked up hareshaw lyn to the waterfall, I made many friends there - Dorothy Johnson, Connie and Betty Hooper to name a few. I have some photos of my time there, many happy memories. 

    • Roly Brown   
    •   Mon 4th May 2015 at 15:33
    • Hi all, attended BR from 60 til 63 & also attended last reunion this year, haven't attended in the past as im usually on hols, unluckily there was no one from my time at BR there but Eddie & the other attendees made me welcome, great to see the old school again although its been torn up & moved around somewhat. it still brought back fond memories though.Bellingham hasn't changed at all & it was like taking a step back in time. cheers Roly 

    • george streener   
    •   Fri 24th Apr 2015 at 04:41
    • hi anyone have any photos or remember anything of the yrs 49 to52 of teachers an pupils at brown rig camp school when I attended and enjoyed very much sorry I missed the reunions just found out they were on I hope there is another one ide like to come to it I live in Australia perth wa well just outside of perth called cardup with my 13yr old son who keeps me young would love to hear from anyone that remembers me an the teachers around that time I left England in53 [email protected] 

    • Tony Anderton  
    •   Mon 23rd Mar 2015 at 22:18
    • Hello. It is with deep regret that I inform you that my sister, Joan Elizabeth Anderton, a pupil of BRS from about 1965 to 1968, died on 24th September 2014 from the effects of cancer of the bowel. She was 61. Joan often talked fondly of her time at the school and I know that she attended the reunions whenever she could. Thank you, Tony Anderton 

    • ann williamson [ simmons]   
    •   Fri 13th Mar 2015 at 11:56
    • hi 
      I was at the school from 1979/82 it was the best day of my life .if I could I would do it all over again 

    • William charlton  
    •   Tue 18th Nov 2014 at 19:19
    • Hi
      I was at Brownrigg in 1968/69 year, did not stay on the next year, mainly due to the sdistic Mr Bradburn,remember him? I remember John Caisley, he came home with me to our house for Christmas. Also David Hunt from killdeer Paul Lambert Marty Wilkinson Colin Steele all from walls end. Also remember Mr Santa the teacher And Robert Timlin I think, there were a few others from whitley bay but I forgot the names, been a long time how is everyone doing especially John Caisley. Cheers to all. 

    • William charlton   
    •   Tue 18th Nov 2014 at 19:10
    • Hi
      I was at Brownrigg in 1968/69 year, did not stay on the next year, mainly due to the sdistic Mr Bradburn,remember him? I remember John Caisley, he came home with me to our house for Christmas. Also David Hunt from killdeer Paul Lambert Marty Wilkinson Colin Steele all from walls end. Also remember Mr Claus the teacher And Robert Timlin I think, there were a few others from whitley bay but I forgot the names, been a long time how is everyone doing especially John Caisley. Cheers to all. 

    • Joanne Davison  
    •   Sat 16th Aug 2014 at 03:15
    • Hi my brother Lee Davison attended Brown Rigg School in the early 1980's as a boarder, his nickname was college for some strange reason, he hated being away from home in Blyth and would often find his own way home by hitching a lift.  
      He passed away suddenly six years ago but i often think him and the times i came to Brown Rigg for special events and ask if i could go to the school when i was older as i liked the colour of the uniform and the fact that it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. 

    • Carolyn Bates  
    •   Sun 10th Aug 2014 at 12:00
    • I attended an international camp at the school around 1973 or so. So enjoyed looking at your site, however, was sad that many of the images (on many pages) did not display. 

    • anne conroy   
    •   Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 15:56
    • So sad been to the last reunion great weekend 

    • Gordon & Margaret Robson   
    •   Mon 16th Jun 2014 at 14:00
    • Anyone needing to get in touch with us in Western Australia please use this email address. 

    • edmund yarrow   
    •   Thu 8th May 2014 at 19:14
    • From Pat Batey 
      I have had a chat with a friend of mine who has been on a cruise. A lady on the cruise was chatting to her and lo and behold, the lady's sister, who had passed away in Australia with dementia, went to Brown Rigg in 1953. Sadly she has no photos of her, and as a long a shot, via the sister, my friend has asked me if it were possible, to try to find a photo of her in the archives !!!! (needle in a hay-stack) Her name was Lillian Raffell and she belonged Blyth. She was 13 years old in 1953. I wonder, Eddie Yarrow, if this could be put on the web to see if anyone knew her and maybe has a photo of her?  
      As requested, here it is.
      Replies to this website if anyone can point us in the right direction. 

    • Colin Oliver   
    •   Sun 30th Mar 2014 at 14:37
    • Hi all,I recall so many names since finding this site,that have remained dormant over the years,people like,Harry Walker,Don Chrisp,Colin Beamish,Alan Scott,Chistine Churchill,Louise Whellans,Helen Congleton,Ken Snowball(the Bardon Mill bopper),to name but a few,58-61,the best years of my young life.Colin Oliver

    •   Thu 27th Mar 2014 at 16:58
    • Hi
      my name is Colin Oliver,I attended Brownrigg from 1958 until 1961,my gf was Louise Wheellans.My closest friends were Colin Beamish(head boy),Donald Chrisp.
      I loved those years,and I actually stayed on an extra term 

    • Allison Croton   
    •   Mon 24th Mar 2014 at 15:10
    • I was at Brownrigg from 1982 - 1984. I consider these as the best two years of my life. I was in Cheviot dorm. 

    • Jack Dawson   
    •   Thu 30th Jan 2014 at 12:01
    • Date: 2014-01-29 14:53:44


      Hi Eddie.I recently came across your E-mail address and your work regarding
      Brown Rigg School. 

      I attended B R S from Sept 1953 to July 1955 Two of the happiest years of my
      early life. I will be 74 soon. My memories of B R S do not seem that old. My
      name is Jack Dawson (Dizzy), note my E-mail address.I enjoyed my time at B R S
      so much I did not want to leave school. I told a friend
      3 or 4 years ago about not wanting to leave school, she gave me a strange look
      !!! I see from the
      B R S web site this years reunion could be the last one.
      So having a web site for Ex pupils is a good idea !!! with todays technology,
      google maps etc etc.
      Anyway enough of this introduction, or it will turn into a memory book of my
      time at B R S.
      I would very much like to keep in touch with Ex B R S pupils who were there when
      I was.

      Regards Jack
      PS I did a talk at school on the signs of the zodiac 

    • geoff LEIGHTON  
    •   Sun 26th Jan 2014 at 19:00
    • 1970/1978 

      All spent years at B/Rigg.
      If you wish to contact contact let me know.

    • Andy   stokie
    •   Sun 19th Jan 2014 at 09:05
    • Hello

      I've recently viewed your facebook page from a link featured on a friends
      facebook page, my friends name is Doug Blakemore i've noticed on your page that
      he is a member of - Brownrigg Boarding School 70;s and 80;s.
      and the reason i'm contacting you is because i'm trying get in touch with Doug
      we grew up together hes one of my best friends. 
      the lastime i met up with Doug was around 1985-1987 sorry i cant remember the
      exact year, after we met we lost contact i have left Doug a message on facebook
      but i'm not sure if his facebook settings is setup to accept messages from
      people not on his list.
      i would like try to get in touch with my friend Doug again, its been 20+ years
      since we there anyway you can help me to get back in touch with him ?

    • Jennifer Stoker   
    •   Thu 2nd Jan 2014 at 08:41

    • Hi Eddie,
      Stephen Bowers (my dad) and his brother- Raymond Bowers (deceased) attended
      Brownrigg in the 1960s. My Dad is now very ill and is unable to communicate. I
      just wanted to know if any one remembers him. I think he's the smallest one on
      the front row of the football team photo 1963-1964. He would have been 12 years
      old. Many thanks, Jennifer Stoker 

    • david todd  
    •   Tue 17th Dec 2013 at 21:29
    • you guys new me as david brown, nick name charlie brown,was at school 73 till 76, first girl friend was carol mcgee, never forgot her.mates were tony stobbort, john foxton, hank, rolly raf and loads more would love to hear from anyone. 

    • sandra galloway  
    •   Wed 11th Dec 2013 at 21:34
    • i was at brownrigg from 1956-1958 back then my name was sherry my best friends were pat sowerby margaret turner and joan arthur we were all in pennine dorm. 

    • Rosemarie Davison  
    •   Sun 1st Dec 2013 at 10:24
    • Hi Kathryn i remember you in sick bay ,i was in there in 1970 with yellow jaundice and was in quarentine for a few weeks , you gave me a fat free diet which i hated, but i do remember you and sister Murry . I hope you are keeping well.regards Rosie 

    • Kathryn Williams nee McGreevy   
    •   Sat 9th Nov 2013 at 22:35
    • Whilst I am fairly certain my name won't mean much to anyone just wanted to say how lovely it is to read all the comments and as I have recently just revisited Brownrigg brought back some lovely memories.
      I worked in the sick bay from January 1969 until September 1970 as the assistant, Sister Murray was in charge.
      I remember Mr. Walton was the headmaster. 

    • Gail mcbean(avison)   
    •   Sat 12th Oct 2013 at 00:45
    • Hi,I went to brownrigg 1981-1985 I was one of the last to leave before the school closed,I remember only the 5th years were at the school when the term started sept 1984 and very few teachers left in school,it was very sad that year.
      I had some great friends,piggy,Julie Bradbury,Christine Richardson,Nadine,Karen Peterson and Suzanne delve,the nice teachers were mrs.janckre,mrs.walton,mr.cassidy,mr.moore,mr.barker.i went to a reunion in 2002 I think I was the only one of my generation there which was a shame!hey guys get in touch. 

    • Rosemarie Davison  
    •   Sat 24th Aug 2013 at 18:42
    • Hello all, I was at Brownrigg from 67/71. I have great memories of disco and horse riding on the fells. The awfull wal
      k to church every sunday and the dorm inspections (hated bootroom duties) My year i remember some names like Brenda Allison /Jennifer Boyd /Michael Grice /David Hall/ Ken Taylor/ Colin and Kieth Short We all had good times there and fond memories. My maiden name is the same .I hope some one remembers me you all take care :) 

    • alan robertson   
    •   Sat 17th Aug 2013 at 13:20
    • anyone attend the school in 1972 remember me,i was only there for less than a year and i think i must have held the record for absconding,also does anyone remember a girl called pamela who was there at the same time i remember the friday night disco in the assembley hall with great fondness pamela was my first girlfriend. 

    • Barbara Nitsche   
    •   Sun 4th Aug 2013 at 22:33
    • I attended BrownRigg from 1966-68.The girls I remember are Lynne and Anne Pattinson,Doris Barclay and Hazel Armstrong.My maiden name was Acheson and Ilived in Berwick-upon-Tweed.I now live in the Belford area. 

    • Alan Robson   
    •   Wed 17th Jul 2013 at 06:45
    • hi i was brownrigg school for about six yrs, i think it was form 67-73. i my memory serves me right. i really enjoyed my time there. 

    • John "Jock" Davidson   
    •   Mon 15th Jul 2013 at 10:45
    • I will be returning to my roots next month for a few days (6th to 9th August) staying at the White Swan, Lowick. If any ex-Brownriggers fancy joining me for a chat over a drink, please let me know through this forum. I attended Brown Rigg from 1958-61. 

    • alan robson   
    •   Thu 11th Jul 2013 at 06:52
    • hi i was at brownrigg for 6 yrs and really enjoyed being there.

      What Years ?????????

    • anne conroy   
    •   Sat 29th Jun 2013 at 15:01
    • hi I was at brownrigg from 65 to 67 maiden name anne herron my sister lorna herron was there 64 to 66great times 

    • Gladys Jones nee Mitcheson  
    •   Sun 19th May 2013 at 22:06
    • Jack the Polish girl in 65 is called Christine Kolowski her older sister was in Hadrian with me she is Irene. 

    • Allan Long  
    •   Sat 11th May 2013 at 04:49
    • Hi, It was great to find the Brownrigg website. I attended Brownrigg in 1949/50 when Mr Wash was headmaster, at that time the Wilfred Pickles "Have a Go Show" visited the school and recorded a show which featured Margaret Redfern singing "The waters of Tyne" Mrs Wash was involved with the Hexham Gilbert and Sullivan Society and I remember making trips to Hexham to watch these shows in which Mrs Wash featured. The time that I spent at Brownrigg was a very memorable time of my school days and I have many happy memories of the time spent there hiking around the fells behind the school. 

    • chris burden   
    •   Fri 26th Apr 2013 at 10:01
    • Hi,
      I was at BRS from 1959-1961. I was Chris Dixon in those days, and have some wonderful memories of the place. I remember we used to call it Borstal Reform School! I was in Pennine dormitory. I often wonder what happened to all the girls there. I remember, Olive Ord, who had a horse in the field, behind the sick bay. I know that Christine Street, who became head girl there, joined the services. Lorna Ainsworth, turned into a beautiful blonde, in her teens. Still have memories of her, after meeting up with her somewhere in Newcastle. I believe she went to work as a carer somewhere. 
      Those that remember Nancy Bain. She became a great friend of mine, as we lived near each other, in Gosforth. She married and had 3 children. Sadly she died, on Christmas Eve, when she was 44 years old.
      I would like to know what happened to Carol Doggett and Hazel Powley, (grace poole), as we used to call her, from Charlotte Brontes novel. Also Jean Angus.
      I remember the headmaster Mr Rain and the bursar in charge of catering Mrs Wash. Also our biology teacher Mr Seed, appropriate name. How we girls used to laugh at him, when he tried to explain the facts of life. Still, gave me a good grounding for my A level biology.
      So glad that Brownrigg is being remembered, and well done to the founders of this site.
      Anyone who wants to get in touch, feel free. I live either with my family and grandchildren in the European Eastern Block, or in Somerset, but due to move yet again.
      Having a wonderful time on the planet.
      [email protected]

    • Stephen Mavin   t
    •   Mon 11th Feb 2013 at 16:32
    • Hi to all Brownriggers. I have just found the site & applaud the guys who diligently keep it going,thanks. I attended the school for 2 yrs, probably the best 2 yrs of my schhol life. I lived in Ashington at that time. I wonder how many ex-students remember the"Have a go Joe" national radio program that was very popular in thoe days. Wilfred Pickles, Barney Colehan &
      Violet Carson. I & a friend from Newbiggin were two of the chosen 6 on the radio that night.Ken Lewis was his name. Years ago i sent some pics in to the school with those other 4 contestants on. I also played for the school soccer team both yrs I was there.
      Eric Newman (spike) Ken Lewis & Walter Swinhoe were all regulars on the team. Mr Macintosh & Mr Barnes were the coaches at the time. I would love to hear from anyone who attended during that period. Thanks.

    • Maureen Tate   
    •   Sat 9th Feb 2013 at 15:08
    • Hello Kathlees,

      Hope you are keeping well.
      I was at Brown Rigg in the eary 60's and I remember you very well (we were both in Pennine dorm together where I waa a prefect).
      We were good friends and used to make up all sorts of excuses for not taking part in the 'compulsory' Sunday hikes.
      I am married to Les & we have four grown-up childen living happily within a few miles of us in The Peak District of Derbyshire
      Do you remember hanging from the hot pipes in the luggage room with paper towel gloves? - we obviously had both time and blisters on our hands!

      Maureen Gillis (nee Tate) 

    • Stephen Bend   
    •   Sat 2nd Feb 2013 at 16:36
    • Jack Elliot recounted the class of 1st 11 year olds, the name of the 3rd girl I think was Tworkowski??? I recall her name because other pupils made a 'play on her name', which was pretty common at BRS. You may recall Bradburn (ex Navy), Math and PE Teacher who ended his teaching days in Prudhoe. Eric Main became Head for a short while and the last I heard (10 years ago) Walton (Head) was working in Hexam.
      I live in Canada now, having first moved there in 1979. You may also recall Brown a teacher who earned instant respect (fear) with those steely eyes and broken nose.... I wonder if Jack recalls the 'slipper fights' that rapidly escalated with beds forming barricades at either end of the Dorm and the heavy boots flying... I know I broke my fair share of lights! 

    • Terence lowes   
    •   Sun 27th Jan 2013 at 16:19
    • I was at brownrig from 1950 to 1954seeing the web site brought back fond memories sad to it no longer exists 

    • Lynne Barnett (nee Armit)   
    •   Tue 30th Oct 2012 at 21:05
    • Date: 2012-07-03 09:00:13

      Sender: Lynne Barnett (nee Armit)


      Hiya - I have reently seen your site asnd it has brought back some happy
      memories - I was at Brownrigg for 6 years leaving in 1968 - I was Head Girl to
      the then Head boy Jim Scott - known in those days as "saucers"because of my big
      brown eyes!I am pleased to hear that the school isn't forgotten and that you
      have now started putting together memories for a museum - unfortunately I can't
      add to this but if ever I am up in that part of the country I will call in. 
      Following a career in nursing I presently live in West Yorkshire and am a
      Community Support Officer with West Yorkshire Police. For the past 6 years my
      patrol area has been Bingley on the edge of Ilkley Moor. Kind regards Lynne

    • Hazel Phillips nee Patrick   
    •   Fri 26th Oct 2012 at 11:33
    • hi jock just saw your message eric said he was going to contact you i know he has been a bit busy of late i will remind him it"s an age thing ha ha!!!! 

    • Kevin wood  
    •   Mon 15th Oct 2012 at 19:35
    • Hi I was at brs from 69 till 74 I think I've got good and bad memory's . 

    • John "Jock" Davidson   
    •   Mon 8th Oct 2012 at 15:43
    • Lovely to hear from you Hazel! I remember Eric well We were both "star" runners, although no one could keep up with Eric! I remember when we came one-two in the school sports day in the 880yds. The track was a 220yd loop (so we ran four laps). On the final lap I swear I was catching him, but sadly the race was too short. What is he up to these days? 

    • Hazel Phillips nee Patrick   
    •   Mon 24th Sep 2012 at 15:27
    • This message is for john davidson one of your old class mates of 61 is my brother eric patrick.I attended brownrigg, but it was late 60"s for me 

    • ANN FENION   
    •   Wed 12th Sep 2012 at 08:27
    • Hi hoping you can help me, my sister attended the school in 1968/69 Kim Stoddart I wondered if anyone remembered her? Are there any class photos or records that I would be able to see anywhere as sadly she took ill when there and died in 1971. I would be most grateful for any help 

    • James Ian Murdoch   
    •   Mon 13th Aug 2012 at 16:21
    • Hi Kathleen Taylor,

      I attended Brownrigg '61-'63, can't place your name though the Head Girl you mentioned was Janice Graham.


    • Douglas Blakemore   
    •   Fri 20th Jul 2012 at 00:56
    • Hi I was at brownrigg around 82 / 84 ish I think it closed the year after I left ? The teachers at the time were mr barker mr bell mr smith ? . I was a prefect at the end of my time there.I do not remember a lot of the names of the kids ,Paul Headly, Paul micheal, Wendy bowman , Sally Ann ?, if you remember me drop me an email thanks..

    • jack elliot   
    •   Sun 24th Jun 2012 at 16:07
    • Hi,if mike boyle would like to contact me direct that would be great as his email address is not being recognised

    • cecil sowden (ces)   
    •   Thu 21st Jun 2012 at 14:53
    • hi i was at brownrigg 57/58 ted gray was our form & dorm teacher, gordon charlton (bobby & jackies) brother, also walter lawrence pauline craig from berwick these are some of the names i remember. hope someone reads this as that year was my happiest of schooldays and get in touch
      Email: [email protected]

    • Kathleen Taylor  
    •   Tue 19th Jun 2012 at 05:40
    • Hello my name is Kathleen (Kathy), I went to Brownrigg around 62/63, I never had a nickname but I can describe my looks of that era. I had ginger hair, was quite skinny and I was in the Pennine dormatary and the head girl around that time was Janice ...?
      If any one remembers me it would be nice to hear from you as it would be so good to hear from anyone.
      Have a nice day,
      Kathleen Taylor
      [email protected] 

    • Mike Boyle   
    •   Mon 11th Jun 2012 at 19:35
    • Date: 2012-06-10 22:16:13


      Hi my name is MIke Boyle I attended Brown Rigg in 1965. I read Jack Elliots
      appeal and would like to get in touch. Also anyone else from 65-68 who may
      remember me 1 in particular was Lynne Allen from Bedlington. I was at the 2012
      reunion but met nobody from my years perhaps better luck in 2014.

    • tony stobart   
    •   Fri 11th May 2012 at 10:19
    • hi my name is tony stobart lived at prudhoe and attended brs hoping to get up to reunion on the friday with my sister terry stobart who also attended brs 
      Email: [email protected]

    • judith ure(nee PRINGLE)   
    •   Tue 1st May 2012 at 19:48
    • Hi my name is Judith Pringle or it was until i got married, i attended BRS in 1977/1978 i was only there for one school year but alway think back as i had some fantastic times,i want to list some of the people that i remember Claire Petts,Kerry Wilkinson, Joanne wilson,Mandy Wilson(sisters)Jackie Laing,these other girls i can't remember their surnames Alex,Mandy,Carol Grant?,Denise,Heather Dawson? I've been up to the school to see it again,when i was there the pool had been covered over but it was tiny and i always thought it was big also i looked in the visitors book but only noticed one name that i remembered it was Raymond Drury(i'm sure he was also known as Mason but his mum remarried and he changed his name ). I would love to hear from anyone who remembered me. 
      Email: [email protected]

    • Fiona  
    •   Mon 23rd Apr 2012 at 14:58
    • Hello, I'am wandering if anyone remembers my mother Margaret Henny ? And if there are any photos?
      Kind regards Fiona

    • joanne foster  
    •   Thu 19th Apr 2012 at 23:26
    • Hi I was just wondeering if anyone had any memories/photos of my dad Kenneth Price who attended Brownrigg in the 60's-70's.



    • Eddie Graham  
    •   Tue 17th Apr 2012 at 11:18

      He was at Brown Rigg April to July 1948, came from Dinnington, was in Tweed Dorm. Bring him along to the REunion, he might bump into someone he knew from those days.

      Lots of interest in the Reunion, thanks to the excellent coverage in the Evening Chronicle and Journal, had a lady e-mail me from Holland who had been sent the articles by her Mother, she is coming over in June to join us.should be a great weekend.
      Email: [email protected]

    • jayne mottram   
    •   Mon 9th Apr 2012 at 10:45
    • hi,
      im just wondering if anyone remembers or has any photographs of my dad who attended brownrigg his name was roy hepburn and would have attended 40's or 50's sorry unsure of dates. any help would be brilliant.
      Email: [email protected]

    • Michael King   
    •   Tue 3rd Apr 2012 at 19:47
    • I was at Brownrigg a good few years in the 70s they used to call me Kingy. I do not know if there is anyone from that eara ?.
      Email: [email protected]

    • James Ian Murdoch 
    •   Sat 31st Mar 2012 at 17:25
    • Hi Doris,

      I think I remember you and Carol, we attended Brownrigg over the same period. Were you a redhead and didn't Carol have blondish hair?

      Hope you are well.


    • James Ian Murdoch   
    •   Sat 31st Mar 2012 at 17:19
    • Hi Bill,

      I remember you well, we were in Tweed dorm' then 'graduated' to Tyne.
      Hope you are well.



    • Bill Power  
    •   Tue 27th Mar 2012 at 21:41
    • Hi Bill Power I was at brown rigg 60 to 63 Tyne Dorm (I think) 
      Seem to remember a few name Peter Clearey and Eric Sewell any one remember me....  
      Living in Cyprus but fancy the reunion in June 

    • James Ian Murdoch   
    •   Sun 25th Mar 2012 at 17:34
    • Great to see Peter Cleary's post on site.

      Glad you're still in touch with Eric Sewell, Peter, give him my best wishes.
      If you'd like to meet up next time I'm in the UK, my mother still lives in Whitley Bay, I'd be delighted.

      Anyone hear from Lindy Massingham?

    • doris jackson (nee hardwick)  
    •   Sat 24th Mar 2012 at 18:00
    • I went 2 brownrigg approx 1960-63.i remember carol doidge?,william shakespear,n yes its his real name but we called him billy wobbledagger!!,he he,remember the matron in sick bay?.i remember hiding in the loft with carol skiving from church,got caught by the headgirl smoking dumpas from the teachers bins!!,ha ha.x
      Email: [email protected] 

    • Eddie Yarrow  
    •   Wed 7th Mar 2012 at 17:35
    • Hi Folks, Just to say the guestbook does not link with my email box (it should) so be a little patient as the only way I find a new entry is when I go on site. Sometimes I am on holiday and it could be a few days before I get back on.

      Eddie Yarrow
      Site admin & general dogsbody 

    • John Davidson   
    •   Tue 6th Mar 2012 at 10:54
    • Hi! John Davidson here, perhaps better known by my nickname “Jock”. So christened on account of coming from the north of the county I had more of a Scottish accent than a Geordie one. I enjoyed three and a half challenging and character forming years at Brown Rigg from 1958-1961. Best summed up I think by my favourite teacher’s quote from an end of term report. “Makes up for a lack of natural ability with rugged determination to succeed “. I taught myself chess and how to swim. I was preceded by my sister Marion and followed by my brother Raymond. I too remember the gorgeous Bridget Emerson. On leaving I joined the R.A.F. as an aircraft engine fitter. Subsequently I enjoyed a career as an IT specialist and for the past twenty years I have working in finance. Happily married to Pauline for 45 years, I have two grown up sons, but sadly no grandchildren! I have to confess that I was NOT good at football. I could not even make the under 13 team when there were only 12 of us to choose from! Athletics was more my forte, especially race walking – not surprisingly I needed a hip replacement operation a couple of years ago! I am planning to make the 2012 reunion, which will be my first – I thought that it was about time I made the effort, as it is over fifty years since I left. After all that time, we are likely to have trouble remembering everyone. Luckily I collected the signatures of all my compatriots during my last two terms. The following is a roll call of my fellow inmates, summer 1961. Apologies for any errors or omissions, I am afraid that the writing has faded over the years;
      Teachers: Edward Gary, Jimmy Seed, W A Young
      Pupils: Michael (Genius) Patmore, D Brown, Ronald (Ratty) Cummings, Ken (Pop) Pickering, John Dickie, T Baugh, D Crisp, Colin Beamish, B (Bean) Richardson, Andrew McDougal, 
      Mathew J Bowen, John Cobbledick, Brian Fisher, Eric Patrick, Fred Brown, C Oliver, Alan James Scott,
      Terry Fenwick, Ken (Snaz) Snowball, G Embleton, R McCormack, Harry Walker, Ray Smith, 
      Barry Cowell, Terry Keen, G Carr, K Burns, Michael North, Ray Finnegan, M McLeod, J Cole and of course, Bill Tate.
      Email: [email protected]

    • Jack Elliot   
    •   Mon 5th Mar 2012 at 20:00
    • I started at BRS September 1965,1 of just 19,16 boys & 3 girls,in the original intake of 11 yearoylds.We were housed in the newly built & by RRS standards ultra modern(it had night storage heaters) Coquet dormitory.
      The dorm list read S.BEND,G.Blyth K.BOYD,K.Clark,J.ELLIOT,R.Green,B.Jackson,D.JACKSON,Murray,P.NEWLAN
      DS,J.Peel,Richardson,M.Roberts,N.rutherford,M.Stephens & T.Stone.I can only remember 2 of the girls names D.Williams & A.Patterson the 3rd had a polish name.We were joined by M.Boyle P.Herd & E.Tweddle within 2 weeks.The gentlemen in captals remained at BRS for a total of 6 years again being the first pupils to achieve 'O'Levels!
      I well remember my first day getting off the bus and dragging a suitcase which was probably heavier than I was up a drive that seemed longer than any of the much maligned Sunday hikes standing outside the ablutions waiting to bs allocated a dorm,which by then had been segregated by year group.Imagine my horror when I allocated Wansbeck the 3rd/4th year dorm a mistake soon rectified.
      If any of my year group read this I would really like to get back in touch,in particular the 4 lads I eventually spent 6, by and large happy,years with.

    • Mr FW Main & Mrs M Main  
    •   Mon 5th Mar 2012 at 15:17
    • It is with great sadness that we need to tell you of the very sudden death of Vince Curran,on Friday 2nd March 2012.
      He was on holiday in Spain with an elder brother,when he died.It is a huge shock to all his family and friends,especially his partner Sheila.
      As his body is to be brought from Spain to Newcastle,funeral arrangements are yet to be made.
      Sadly missed by sister Moira and brother-in-law Bill.
      Email: [email protected]

    • JACK ELLIOT   t
    •   Thu 1st Mar 2012 at 15:15
    • Sent you a meesage yesterday please ignore it,I got my dates confused 
    •   Wed 29th Feb 2012 at 13:22
    • 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of the first intake of 11 yearolds (i.e.sept 1963)there was 21 of us as i recall,18 boys&3 girls.just wondering if any of them read this page especially any of other 4 who made it all the way to thier 6th year 

    • Diane Ince  
    •   Tue 21st Feb 2012 at 14:52
    • I was at brownrigg during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Infact there is a photo of me on the wall which I never know existed. My sister Deborah Ince also attended the school for a while however not aslong as I did. I have fond memories of the school and the years I spent there. The pupils although we did have our rough times as I am sure everyone will remember the most of the time was fantastic. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood all relate to BRS including sledging on black bags down the fell. The dinning room going on fire. The magic dust we would pop into our mouths once we were put to bed and the talking books – we all loved watership down. I remember “spook” our glourious teacher who ruled us girls with a wet sandshoe............. listening to the top 40 on radio one if we had been good on a Sunday night. The school disco’s daning to Crazy little thing called love and Video killed the radio star, blondie and rainbow ......... and the plays – “Oliver” was particular interesting along with “the lion, the witch and the coatrack”. Running over to the ablushions to get washed in the rows of sinks in the freezing cold pulling each other’s towels.................... or is this all in my imagination. Let me know.
      Email: [email protected]

    • michael hardy  
    •   Mon 13th Feb 2012 at 12:15
    • Hi I'm Michael Hardy and i attended brownrigg in 1966. Anybody remember me?

    • Patsy Harries   
    •   Wed 7th Dec 2011 at 04:31
    • Hi folks,
      My name is Patricia Ann Parry (nee Harries). I was at Brownrigg late 1954 - to Easter 1956. My dormitory was Pennine. My dear friends Yalerie Main and Jean Clough came from Ashington to attend the school. I'm still in touch with Valerie who lives in Bedlington. Jean died quite a few years ago. I've attended four of the reunions and loved each one - not bad since I have lived the last 44 years of my life in the Northern Territory of Australia! When I was at the school I was something of a champion swimmer. I loved the dances and walks and the wonderful freedom and lifestyle of living in the gorgeous part of Northumberland.  
      Email: [email protected]

    • john lowe   
    •   Tue 8th Nov 2011 at 20:34
    • Anne Riddle if you from Chatton :- I think I might know you I was at Brown Rigg in the 1950s? 

    • Gladys Jones was Mitcheson   
    •   Tue 18th Oct 2011 at 00:00
    • Looking for people at Brownrigg 1965/66 & who do i find but my ex boyfriend whom i haven't seen since he delivered coal hiya Toby. 

    • Jim Diggle   
    •   Wed 12th Oct 2011 at 07:43
    • Hi there all. Long time no chat. I really do intend to be there for the next one in 2012. I do look forward to seeing a lot of people from the past and Syd, happy to help out with a reading if required. 

    • Peter cleary  
    •   Wed 31st Aug 2011 at 16:07
    • Peter cleary attended 1961/62
      Hi,like Jim Murdoch I have great memories
      of my time at Brown Rigg and left on the insistance of parents disappointed at my academic progress.In hindsight probably the correct decision however sad it made me at the time.That year in Tweed was definitely my happiest at school.I am not sure my old man valued the confidence and independance gained during that memorable time.
      I started life as an apprentice Marine Engineer and joined the Merchant Navy at 20 years of age.Not a career I saw as long term and eventually spent over 30 years in the drinks industry either in Engineering or Production mangement retired at 60 as an operations manager of a soft drinks company.
      Spend my time now on a golf course and looking after 3 lovely grandaughters with my wife Avril,we have been married for 39 years.
      Eric Sewell and I are still close friends and we do see others on odd occaisions,
      Jim nice to see your posting and I can't say I was surprised by your career path.
      Hope all of 62 in tweed are well
      Peter Cleary 

    • alan middlemass   
    •   Mon 29th Aug 2011 at 16:49
    • Hi, Iwas at brownrigg 1957/1959 and remember most of you guys whom have contributed to this site. "YEA" they were heady days. Maybe i might make it to the next reunion in 2012.Where is it held?  
      Alan Middlemass 

    • Robert Elder (Chip)   
    •   Mon 8th Aug 2011 at 23:21
    • It is nice to read letters from from former pupils and friends from my time at Brown Rigg 1958/60. I have attended most of the reunions apart from the last two when unfortunately I have been on holiday. I noticed that Sheila Vickers was trying to find an old school friend called Bridget but did not know her second name. I think the the person that you trying to contact is Bridget Emerson who I am told now lives in Fife in Scotland. If you get in touch with Eddie Graham I'm sure he will give you some contact details. I've just read August copy of the Happy Hiker and really enjoyed the article by Allison Croton.This brought back happy memories of the some of the best times of my younger days at Brown Rigg. Unfortunately Brown Rigg as we remember could never happen again what with health and safety and children and human rights.When we were at school if you were injured playing it was just one of those things that happens and we would never think of suing the Authorities.Can you imagine children at Brown Rigg now without their mobile phones and computers etc. Never mind we were the lucky ones who enjoyed Brown Rigg and are proud to say so!!I look forward to next years reunion and seeing old friends again.  
      Email: [email protected] 

    • syd graham  
    •   Mon 8th Aug 2011 at 10:30
    • Date: 2011-08-02 21:31:03
      [email protected]
      I shall be organising the "Brownrigg Songs of Praise at the 2012 Reunion. This
      traditioal service will take place in St Cuthberts Church on the Sunday morning.
      I require some friends to do the readings and would love to hear from anyone
      willing to help. Contact me by e-mail please.
      Email: [email protected]

    • Suzanne Stewart   
    •   Mon 8th Aug 2011 at 10:10
    • Hi I was at Brownrigg in the 70s. I didnt even know this site was here. would
      love to here about any reunions.  

    • gillian williams   
    •   Sun 7th Aug 2011 at 03:16

    • Hello everyone,

      I was at Brownrigg for a year when I was aged 11. This was 1973/74. Anyone else use this site that was there then?

      I'd love to here from you,


    •   Thu 28th Jul 2011 at 14:48
    • [email protected]


    • Derick Stewart   t
    •   Mon 30th May 2011 at 10:08
    • Date: 2011-04-01 10:22:55

      Hi i was aformer pupil from Brownrigg from I think it was 1964-66 when I was
      taken out of school by parents to start work as a mining apprentice at Ashington
      Colliery. i left the Pit in 1968 and joinedthe R.A.F for 12 years, demobed in
      1980 went back to Ashington Coliery as a driver in the transport department.
      Made redundant in 1986, no located in Braemar in Aberdeenshire. I am now a First
      line Manager at the Prison in Aberdeen, I atended a reunion in 2002 but lost all
      contact after that. Would love to attended the next reunion if at al posible in
      2012. I was known as Toby when @ Brownrigg nick name given to me by my fellow
      school mates.

    • sheila vickers   
    •   Mon 14th Mar 2011 at 15:18
    • Hi I attended Brownrigg 1957 until 1959 where I stayed in Hadrian Dorm, looked after by Mrs Wilson. I played in the girls netball team, which I have a photo off, as well as one where we all climbed onto the bonfire. (not alight though). I had a friend called Bridget, can't remeber last name, she was in Pennine Dorm. I really enjoyed myself while attending Brownrigg. Its also a small world, as my brother in laws wife was also a pupil at the same time as I was there. Her name was Brenda Clark, she provided copies of the photos. 

    • Brenda Docherty   
    •   Fri 11th Mar 2011 at 06:33
    • Hi Dora, Jim and Eddie,
      I hope I can call you all my friends. I have had a wonderful time at the reunions with you all. I had not been in touch with anyone for over forty years. After I retired in 2002 I found the school on the web site a friend had told me about. What luck to meet up with so many people from ones youth. I hope to be there next year in 2012.
      Your doing a great job 

    • robert turnbull   
    •   Sun 16th Jan 2011 at 08:37
    • hello
      anybody remember me
      Robert Turnbull
      would love to ear from anybody
      I now live in the states,atlanta,georgia.
      best wishes all.

    • Alan Barker   
    •   Wed 5th Jan 2011 at 16:59
    • My father (Arthur Alan Barker, but always known as Alan Barker) was here, as a teacher/instructor(?). He was Royal Navy prior, during and after WWII & I would place him at Brownrigg between 1947 - 1957 (at the latest). I would be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers him during this time.

      Well done on this website, thank heavens you have the drive to create it, so we can all enjoy it. Thank you.

      Kindest regards

      Alan Barker

    • Bill (John Kidd)  
    •   Tue 28th Dec 2010 at 19:22

    • I was at Brown Rigg in 1953/54. I then went to Hull and trained for the Merchant Navy. Left that at 18 and joined the Royal Marines. Served for 22 years. I now live in the Falkland Islands. Brownrigg Certainly prepared me for life after school.

    • Jim Richardson  
    •   Sat 30th Oct 2010 at 23:45
    • Hello everyone,

      To those of you that know me your journey ends here.

      To those of you that don't know me please let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Richardson and I was born, went to school, and lived in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne until I was fifteen years old. 
      On leaving school I travelled around a bit during a spell in both the merchant navy and the army. They were, I suppose, my Brownrigg, for it was while I was in their service that I eventually came of age. It was where I learned to stand on my own two feet and fend for myself in the big bad world we were all cocooned from while at school. I learned many valuable lessons while in service that would stand me in good stead for the years that lay ahead. They have stayed with me to this day, their value undiminished by the passage of time.
      Dora and I now live in Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed, and no, I do not where purple, but Dora most certainly does. 

      I have, for my sins, offered to try and assist Eddie (spuggy) Yarrow in updating and maintaining the Brownrigg School website after seeing his appeal on the website for helpers. I will in time mumble, fumble and stumble my way up the steep learning curve of Eddies creative genius and do what I can to assist, under his guidance and expertise, to help to create something worthwhile if I may.

      This may seem a little unusual to those of you that know me, for as you well know, I never attended Brownrigg as a pupil.
      I did however have the good fortune to meet and marry my wife, Letitia Dorathea Richardson (nee Morrison) or Dora as she is more affectionately known to family and friends. Dora did attend Brownrigg as a pupil from 1956/58ish I think, but I am not one hundred percent sure of these dates, so don't quote me. 
      Dora's sister, Monica Howey (nee Morrison) also attended Brownrigg as a pupil and pre-dated her time there by some two years. Monica has not been able to attend the reunions these last few years due to failing health. Monica does however remember her time, and her friends at Brownrigg, with great affection.

      I had known of Brownrigg since my school days as pupils did, from time to time, disappear from my school and go to Brownrigg for a term or two. I never personally had the opportunity to attend Brownrigg and it is a regret that goes with me and grows with every reunion I attend. I now know there was, and still is, a tremendous gap in my education and upbringing that cannot be filled retrospectively.

      I have had the honour, and indeed the pleasure, of meeting so many wonderful people at the reunions that were initially Dora's friends and teachers who have gone out of their way to make me feel at home, and feel so welcome that I am now thrilled to be able to count those same people as friends in my own right.

      I shall endeavour to assist Eddie in every, and in anyway I can in making the Brownrigg School community want to visit their website at every opportunity to meet, greet, and put their memories and photographs, old and new, on record for posterity.

      A history of the people, by the people, for the people.

      Make it happen - get in touch - and put your footprints on a Northumbrian fell of the future for others to follow.

      With sincerest regards,

      Jim (and Dora too of course)) Richardson.

    • Keith Wills   
    •   Tue 12th Oct 2010 at 18:29
    • [email protected]
      Just what we need. Lets hope that there is a lot of use made of it.
      Woodbine 1960 - 1962 

    • James Ian Murdoch  
    •   Fri 24th Sep 2010 at 20:07
    • I attended Brownrigg School 1961-63.

      Contemporaries were, to name a few, Alex Hobson, Gerald (Yogi) Beare, Eric Sewell, Peter Cleary, David (Titus) Oatts, Barry Cowell. Not to mention Janice Graham, Kathleen Foster, Yvonne Bellamy, Lindy Massingham, Christine Street each of whom captured my adolescent heart.
      Mr Raine was head, Ted Gray had a profound and positive influence on me, as he had, I'm sure, on many others. The gentle and beautiful Miss Cowan taught art, 'Drac' through his geography class, instilled in me a thirst for travel. Mr Parker, a wonderful person, a disdain for gardening! And 'Young' Mr Wilson, through his evening stories, an enduring love of literature. Oh! and Mrs Mansbridge, who set me on the road to being unabashedly accomplished in the kitchen - which served me well in my batchelor years (and certainly impressed the babes! - or were they just being kind?).
      It was a wonderful place to spend a portion of my teenage, idyllic surroundings, fresh air, good food, courtesy of the incomparable Mrs Wash (my children attended expensive private boarding schools where the catering paled into insignificance compared to Brownrigg's!).

      I played on the football team (with more enthusiasm than skill I fear) and ran cross country for the school. My one regret was the school didn't turn out a rugby team.

      In later life I was a British Army officer and a prison Governor in the USA - which is where I live now, though retired, in rural Connecticut, with three dogs on several acres - and STILL don't like gardening!

      I'd love to hear from Brownriggers of my era, I still remember you all vividly!